I am learning poetry to survive, doing research to see a breakthrough technology someday and wail and whine against the atrocities we women face in the name of moral, religious and social values. I mostly blog about womanistic issues and write poetry and short stories as well. My blog is my second home where much of my creativity and chivalry are on display, to create awareness and to let go off burdens that bother me. Please do not expect me to express my views in a way that will please you, for trust me I won’t even be the last person on planet earth to be doing that. And yes please do not think of e-mailing me with  any death threats for anything I express here! I might use derogatory words against a certain person or a practice, but that is just because I believe it to be so, and do not need your permission to have a mind of my own.


” I want to be a jill of all trades and mistress of none” 


I love to sing and dance while learning vegetarian cooking nowadays. I edit for the Kalyani magazine and tweet at rinzurajan.

For a living I am doing research and want to be doing so till the day I slip into my coffin.
I love to write and this is my monarchy and not your democracy so please read my views, musings and cribbing at your own risk. If you agree, you may wave a green flag by posting a comment or following me or might never visit this place ever again  it’s just up to you to decide.




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