Published Poetry

Lost in Translation in Issue 32 of the Ofi Press Magazine.

Orange in the August Issue of Bangalore review

On the Petrichor Review Tumblr blog here

Two poems in Brown Critique April issue.

Sounds of a Morning house in the Second issue of the Kalyani magazine

Six also in Ottawa Arts review 

Four Poems in Muse India Jan-Feb issue.

Six in Petrichor Review on page 33.

Four poems in the Best Poetry of 2012 by Writing Disorder. 

“That Someone’s Bride” in the inaugural issue of Kalyani magazine


Two poems in the Fall issue of Message in a Bottle poetry review.


“A Spinster Act” in Autumn issue of The Penwood Review


An Ode to My Unborn Child in Issue 2 of Adanna literary journal




One Title magazine is an independent Canadian magazine of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. Based out of Peterborough, Ontario, they aim to publish both local work and writing from abroad.

They published my poem “Suicide Note” in their summer issue on page 179.





Death is Near was featured in the Tagore 150th Birth anniversary commemoration anthology published by British Council and Sampad.



Mused is the poetry magazine issued by Bella Online which is an encouraging, supportive publishing community for women. My Poem “Another kind of a Woman” is being featured on page 11 which also happens to be my 28 th journal/anthology feature.




Poetry Quarterly is the poetry journal with a focus on modern poetry style. They published my poem “Love Poetry is Dead” on Page 62 of their Spring 2012 issue.




Contemporary Literary Review is primarily and online literary review in English and published short stories, poems and a variety of creative pieces from around the world.





ThunderDome publishes short fiction, serialized fiction, poetry, photography, and art online at They’ve published work by new and emerging artists as well as works by well-known and award winning writers and photographers. ThunderDome is also a small press that will publish 4-5 print anthologies per year.



Corvus is a literary magazine based in the Britain with opportunities for both experienced and new poets.



The Copperfield Review has been featured in Writer’s Digest, Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market, Killer Startups, Duotrope, The Los Angeles Times, and Las Vegas Seven Magazine. It was named one of the top sites for new writers by Writer’s Digest and it has received the Books and Authors Award for Literary Excellence. Since its beginning in 2000, The Copperfield Review has become known as a leading market for historical fiction.



Winner of the First prize at the Wordweaver’s contest 2012!



Poetry 24 is edited by Martin Hodges and Clare Kirwan. The aim is to publish news related or topical poetry that reflects what’s happening in the world, or current affairs.





Red River Review was started in 1999 as an experiment in web publishing and has since then released thirty four issues.



Barnwood Literary Review has been publishing poetry since 2002 and published one of my favourite poems “An Ode to my Child” in their twelfth issue.



Aquillrelle  is a site dedicated to every poet amongst us – encouraging the type of poetry which is a mix of talent, beauty and expression power. 



Silver Bow Publishing are a Canadian Poetry book publisher who gave me a feature in their anthology Mind Paintings


Golden Sparrow literary review is dedicated to the advancement of reckless fun in promoting art manifested in words. My featured poem was “Another Archaic Analogy”.




One Poem in Poetry for Peace contest held by UN to remember the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing victims and spread the message of comeliness through Hibakusha testimonies.




Two poems in Fancy Realm anthology published by JKC college, Guntur showcasing the selected poets for their International Poetry festival.



Poetry Rivals, U.K published my poem “My August moon and the January Eclipse” in their anthology Suspended in Ink available here



Bicycle Review is a literary magazine with its first publication in June 2009. The featured poem here was “An Ode to My City–Delhi”.



Muse India is a bi-monthly literary journla published from Hyderabad, India featuring both amateurs and professionals under one platform.

The featured poems were An Act Of Compassion, My August Moon and the January Eclipse, You’re my Poetry, And Indian Summer and An Ode To God’s Own Country.



Sketch book is a journal for Eastern and Western short forms of poetry with the featured poem being “From Pharmacy to Parchment”.




Poetry Bulwayo is a literary E-zine from Zimbabwe and the featured poem here was “When I Brought her Home”.



Asia Writes is a literary journal featuring Asian writers of prose and poetry and showcasing wonderful opportunities for freelance and professional writing. My featured poem was “My August Moon and the January Eclipse”




Blossoms of India was an initiative by Poets of Mars. The featured poem in this anthology was “Forgive Me”

The book is available here



Green Silk journal is a literary E-zine published from 2005 till this day. Featured poem was My Cup Of Tea in Winter Issue.









Published Fiction


As We Never Met in 5 Minute Fiction



5 Minute Fiction has been created for anyone interested in reading new fiction. It specialises in short stories that can be read in minutes, ideal for reading on the bus or train,at lunchtimes,breaks over coffee or 5 minutes before bed!


The Boy who Learned to Forgive Page 28 in Six Minute Magazine.



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