Happiness is savoring a cup of ginger tea in the morning watching the birds hop around your terrace garden, with no care of the world. Happiness is walking to the metro station on your own with your head held high, audaciously resilient against the leching men gaping at you with their mouths wide open. Happiness is offering your seat to an elderly lady in the women’s coach of the metro, when the teenager sitting next to you is ignorant of her travails and is heedlessly headless.

Happiness is not to be defined by deadlines. Happiness is loving your work and hoping that you can keep doing it, till you take your last breath. Happiness is a quiet lunch all by yourself, basking in the flavours of the spices curdled in the curry.  Happiness is experimenting with protocols, one by one and seeing your sweat bear the sweetest fruit in the end. Happiness is an early exit from work place and aimlessly lingering around a mall when the blue dress on the mannequin catches your fancy. Happiness is looking at the dress with velleity until you decide to barge into the store and try it on. Happiness is yondering in a bookstore and finding the autobiography you always wished to lay your hands on. Happiness is coming home to mom who had been waiting to make that cup of tea for you all day. Happiness is making your own stuffed paranthas and thanking your stars for having known cooking to help you sail through a rainy day.Happiness is not to be threatened by the misjudging moralists of the society, and wearing your heart on your sleeves.
Happiness is reading a book again and experiencing a karmic connect with it. Happiness is doting on egg-less cake and coffee in the midnight watching a movie for the tenth time. Happiness is seeing the female protagonist  of the movie living moment of your life and feeling nostalgic.

Happiness is writing a poem for a person whom you have not seen but wish to meet someday. Happiness is writing a story that you want to tell to the world. Happiness is simpering ear to ear when the world around you is crumbling to pieces.

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